Thursday, January 24, 2019

Talk about an intelligent person that you know

Talk about an intelligent person that you should say

  • Who’s the person 
  • Why do you think he/she is witty?
  • How do you feel about him/her?
  1. Well, I know numerous personalities that I consider intelligent.
  2. However, hereI would like to mention a personality whom I find most intelligent.
  3. Well, she was my classmate in my school time.
  4. We studied together up to 10th grade.
  5. After that, she took commerce stream and I adopted science stream.
  6. She was not only stood first in the class but also in the whole state.
  7. She was brilliant in extra-curricular activities also.
  8. This makes me find her intelligent from every angle.
  9. Her look is also Adorable.
  10. She always helps the weak students in the way she can.
  11. I feel she is a awesome human being.
  12. I never saw her jealous of anybody.
  13. I truly respect her as a great individual.
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